Very easy bath bombs recipes

All it takes to produce softly aromatic capsules is a little pairing, some continuous spritzing, and a few minutes of molding. When you’re finished you will have lots of effervescent treats in many different forms and shades that’ll aroma and ease shower water as they bubble. Stuff stockings with cellophane bags filled up with heaps of the colorful blocks. They make great presents for the women on your number, including parents, grandmothers, aunts, and grown-up nieces. Test out shades and scents; mix yellow red and to produce red, for instance, and take to mixing lemon with rose.



  • Cornstarch
  • Citric acid
  • Spritzer containers
  • Food color
  • Glass dish
  • Gas
  • Cooking molds


  1. Sift 1 3/4 cup cooking soda, 1 cup citric acid, and 2 cups cornstarch through a sieve to eliminate chunks. To produce various tints, load small spritzer containers with water and add about 6 lowers of food color to each.
  2. Pour 1 cup of powdered combination in to a glass bowl. Lightly spritz, stirring after every spritz, till powder is preferred color. Add water gradually, so combination does not fizz. If pairing two tints, change shades as you spritz. Check the consistency of powder with your fingers; when it can be firmly packed or formed, end spritzing (this might take a little while).
  3. Choose a vital oil. Add 5 lowers if it’s one of the stronger scents (peppermint, lavender), 6 if it is a weaker one (lemon, grapefruit). Combine well. Firmly pack combination into small cooking molds. We used 1/4 cup for every single fizzy, which will work for one bath. Allow combination setting for 2 hours, then pop out carefully. Replicate with various tints for remaining powder.